Download FetLife v1.7.0 App

FetLife is a famous online community similar to Twitter and Facebook, which helps people from different parts of the world to share their views and interests in BDSM and Fetishism. It is mainly for adults only and teenagers should not use it. It has more than 3 million users all around the world. It is just like a social network for people having common sexual fantasies and interests. You should understand that it is not available on the Google Play Store because it is an adult application. FetLife can help you in making your life more enjoyable and lovable for sure.

Creating Profile on FetLife App

Before using FetLife, you need to create your profile where you need to mention all your personal details and other areas of interest. Make sure you are giving only correct details so that you would get more messages from the users having similar interests as yours. By using this app, you can talk about anything and also can share your sexual needs with other members.Download FetLife v1.7.0

What you need to Know about FetLife v1.7.0?

FetLife is a great platform to express whatever you want which you may not disclose among your friends or relatives. You can find people with similar sexual needs and wants. You can also see what other Kinksters are doing from the past 2-3 days. Also, you can meet people and create several events in real life to make your sexual fantasies come true.

You can select dress codes and activities to do while going for any event. There is also a block option for the users and if you do not like any member, then you can simply block them without any problem. Once you have blocked someone, then you are not going to get any reply from that particular member in the future.

Benefits of Downloading FetLife v1.7.0

  • There is also an option of sending friend requests to other members just like Facebook.
  • If you like someone and want to know more about him/her, then just simply send your friend request to that person and wait for their reply.
  • You can also send personal messages to other member and it will not be shown to others.
  • These private messages can help you in staying anonymous so that you can talk about whatever you want without being shy. Just make new friends by sharing your interests with them.

If you are having any wild fantasies and you want to try it in real, then FetLife can help you for sure. Just make your account there and start meeting new people every day.

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