FetLife: An Adult Dating Platform & Social Networking Website

FetLife is an adult social networking website that serves people who are interested in fetishism, BDSM and other kinky stuff. FetLife distinguishes itself from other competitors by majorly emphasizing itself as a social network rather than just a dating site. It enables you to find the best group and also like-minded people with whom you can have a good conversation and speak your heart out.

FetLife History

The fetLife website was launched in January 2008 by John Kopanas (known by the username John Baku). He is a software engineer based in Montreal, Quebec. He was initially frustrated by his attempts to find women having same sexual interest as he had. He created website in 2007 with the name “FriendsWithFetishes”. While working on 2.0 version of this site, he decided to launch a separate website with the name FetLife for which James Golick served as the Chief Technology Officer.

Developer BitLove Inc.
Platforms Android, Web
Total Users 7,000,000+
Registration Required
License Freemium

FetLife Website fro Kinksters

Top Features of FetLife

  • Signing in is totally free of cost. You can start joining the groups since the beginning and go for a power-driven dating on Fetlife.com.
  • It gets updated on a regular basis so that you meet new members.
  • Its algorithm is designed in a manner that you get to interact with community members and find a perfect match.
  • You can choose to share limited amount of information with others.
  • It is unlike other dating websites. Here, you can speak about all the weird stuff without worrying about account blocking.
  • The feed generation is completely automatic, and the setting of this website is done in such a way that you will love it.
  • You can post your opinions and share your thoughts on your profile.
  • You can find 12 choices of sexual orientation on this website.
  • You can post just anything ranging from diary notes to erotica to videos and photos.

FetLife Pricing

If you wish to be a free member then you don’t have to pay a single penny, but you won’t be able to experience each and every feature of this website. You have to pay $5 for a month membership. For 3 months membership, you need to pay $15. As a premium member, you can scroll through each and every video posted on the website.

Precautionary Measures

FetLife is an adult dating website that is strictly not for minors. You must be at least 18 years old to have an account on this site. Also, you shouldn’t do anything that violates the rules of this website and sends you warnings for account suspension.


  • The FetLife community is completely supportive. You will be able to find liberal-minded people who are ready to support you in any kind of sexual experience.
  • It is really different from other conventional websites. Here, your search for correct person will be fruitful.
  • You can get your sexual needs satisfied on this platform.
  • The pricing for premium membership is totally low and affordable.


  • The interface is pretty old-fashioned.
  • There are number of users who don’t show their faces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are looking for answers to your questions, most of them can be found under this section. These are some of the general queries that we’ve received over the time from our users. Being an informative blog, it’s our responsibility to provide the best information and answers to our users.

What kind of profiles are not allowed to be posted in FetLife?

In case, you’ve a malicious profile or you are imposing as other person who exists on this platform then your profile gets deleted. If there are complaints about an actual profile, it can also get banned.

Will I be able to confine my posts to my friends only?

You’ve complete authority to publish your posts to set of your friends only or you can make it public too. It can be done by going to Privacy Setting and then changing the settings according to your convenience.

Is it safe to post pictures on FetLife?

There are hardly any chances of leakage of your identity on this profile. It is totally safe to post your pictures on this site.

What can I do if I get banned in a group on FetLife?

If you get banned from a group, there must be something wrong. But don’t worry, you can create a new group with same members in it.

Can I change the location of event after posting it on FetLife?

If you are hosting an event and wants to change the location, then you need to contact the customer support team for the changes to be made. The team will get to the work and change the location at earliest.

Is FetLife compatible on Mobile?

Yes, it is totally compatible on your mobile device.